When I Die (Unfurling my thoughts)

Was I a good person?

For when I die,

I’d want to know

Was all this living in vain?

Was all this hurt meaningless?

All this pain?

Like a dark green snake

Spreading its venom in my veins

It’s sharp fangs digging in my flesh

Oozing blood

Stinging pain

A pain I cannot make sense of

Was my life a road without a destination?

Or did my presence make a difference?

I’d want to know

Will you remember me?

Like I try and remember the smell of your scent when we last hugged

Will you miss me when I’m dead?

Will I be a song you hum while you drive?

Young in your heart

Sung on your lips

Ate and


Will you cry when I’m gone?


Was I a good person?

A decent human?

Will you forgive me for all the things I wasn’t,

For all the things I should’ve been,

all the things I shouldn’t have?

Or will you accept me finally

the way I am?

They say,

‘Keep your head above water’

But drown in loneliness, I’d say

Like the smoke from my cigarette fading away in darkness




All the wounds in all the hues

Will I make a rainbow?

Or a black mole hidden on your skin unknown?

I’d want to know

For when I die

I’d want to die with a smile on my face and a dream on my breath

And one last cry.



Prompt: When I Die (Unfurling my thoughts)


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